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Literature Resources About Spectrometers

Spectrometer Design, Diffraction Gratings and Calibration

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Spectral imaging algorithms

  • Spectral Un-mixing; Nirmal Keshava and John F. Mustard (2002), IEEE Signal Processing Magazine,
  • Hyperspectral Un-mixing Overview: Geometrical, Statistical, and Sparse Regression-Based Approaches; José M. Bioucas-Dias, Antonio Plaza, Nicolas Dobigeo, Mario Parente, QianDu, Paul Gader, and Jocelyn Chanussot (2012)
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  • Spectroscopy and Hybrid Neural Network Analysis: T. Lu, J. Lerner, 1996, Proc IEEE,  Volume:84, (6), pp 895 – 905
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  • Enhanced Measurement of Testosterone by GC-MS Utilizing a Neural Network: Lu, T.; Lerner, J.M; Fitzgerald, RL; Herold, CD, (1994).  Proc. J Am Soc Mass Spectrom. 5 (5), pp.628
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