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MIDL: Wavelength Calibration Lamp

The MIDL is an eye-safe calibration lamp that can be used with all spectrometers, spectral imaging and hyperspectral microscopy systems

Wavelength Calibration For Hyperspectral Microscopy

Wavelength calibration of hyperspectral microscopy systems should have taken place in the factory.  However, after transportation, installation and time, wavelength accuracy can change.

From a day to day standpoint there will rarely be noticeable differences, however when data is compared with that acquired in other labs, on the same or different instruments, there may be significant discrepancies.

For those researchers building their own systems the question of wavelength accuracy has to be settled before work can start.

The MIDL lamp provides an eye-safe solution that comes in two formats; pencil and flat.  Use the pencil lamp for upright and the flat version for inverted microscopes. The pencil lamp is shown in Figure 1.

The MIDL, wavelength calibration Multi-Ion Discharge, Lamp

The MIDL emits Hg+, Ar+ and inorganic fluorescence emission lines to provide an eye-safe absolute rather than a relative, wavelength line spectrum.

Bright emission lines occur 365, 405, 436, 546, 611, 695, 811 and 912-nm- among others! This enables effective wavelength accuracy validation over the same wavelength range.  See Figure 2.

Use the MIDL wavelength calibration lamp with:

  • Any hyperspectral imaging microscope system.
  • Spectrometers and imaging spectrometers
  • Microscope mounted multispectral imaging systems based on AOTF, LCTF devices and interferometers
  • Note: Ar+ emission wavelengths fade rapidly above 650 nm.  Requires a fast wavelength scan or a spectrograph that will acquire all wavelengths simultaneously
  • See also the NIST certified radiometric light source
MIDL wavelength calibration lamp in "pencil" format

Figure 1: The MIDL  hyperspectral microscopy wavelength calibration “pen Light” can be placed at the focus of a microscope objective 

Hg/Ar MIDL spectrum as acquired on a PARISS system

Figure 2: The MIDL lamp spectrum for wavelength calibration of hyperspectral microscopy instruments

Darkfield hyperspectral nanoparticle characterization 

How PARISS hyperspectral imaging microscopy works

PARISS hyperspectral imaging microscopy modes of operation

All PARISS Hyperspectral systems are custom configured to meet the needs of an application.
The above configuration is for
guidance only. Specifications can and do change without notice.

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