PARISS spectrometer/spectrophotometer

PARISS® Imaging Spectrometer Spectrophotometer


The PARISS model “PMIS” is fully configured as a compact spatially resolved imaging spectrophotometer. PARISS interfaces with any C-mount video port

PARISS: PMIS" imaging spectrometer-spectrophotometer model for quantitative spectral imaging

The PARISS imaging spectrometer-spectrophotometer records the spectra of objects imaged onto the entrance slit of the spectrometer. Spectra of objects in the field of view that pass through the slit are captured by a camera used as the spectral detector.  A “C” mount adapter interfaces with the video port of a microscope or telescope.

The spectrometer acquires hundreds of spatially resolved spectra simultaneously, then custom software sorts the spectra into classes. (Details)

The imaging spectrometer-spectrophotometer  works with all classical analytical spectroscopy methods over the spectral range from 365 to 920-nm.  There is no need for order sorting filters for a spectral range of greater than an octave, because a prism refracts rather than diffracts.

If either the instrument moves across the FOV, such as in an aircraft, or the FOV is translated such as with a microscope, then the PARISS spectrometer-spectrophotometer can be used in hyperspectral imaging mode.

PARISS imaging spectrometer-spectrophotometer specifications

  • Includes the PARISS imaging spectrograph (Details)
  • Operates exclusively in “SnapShot” mode for a single acquisition of spatially resolved spectra (Details)
  • Mounting interface: “C” mount to most research upright and inverted microscopes
  • Wavelength range: 360 to 920-nm simultaneously
  • Spectral resolution: ~1-nm at 436-nm
  • Scientific CCD/CMOS spectrum detector
  • Data processor
  • Custom hyperspectral software for spatially resolved analytical spectroscopy
  • Optional calibration standards: Available MIDL wavelength calibration lamp and a “SYLPH” NIST certified radiometric light source.
  • Does not include a microscope 

Field deployable PARISS

PARISS spectrometer records hundreds of spatially resolved spectra simultaneously

The PARISS spectrometer quantifies hundreds of spatially resolved spectra simultaneously

How PARISS Hyperspectral Microscopy Works


Darkfield hyperspectral nanoparticle characterization 

How PARISS hyperspectral imaging microscopy works

PARISS hyperspectral imaging microscopy modes of operation

All PARISS Hyperspectral systems are custom configured to meet the needs of an application. The above configuration is for guidance only. Specifications can and do change without notice.