PARISS® Hyperspectral Imging Software

PARISS utilizes linearity independent Spectral Waveform Cross Correlation Algorithms (SWCCA) that accommodate non-linear conditions in a sample.

Hyperspectral Cross Correlation Software Creates Reference Spectral Libraries and Spectral Topographical Maps

Hyperspectral mimcroscope software using spectral waveform cross correlation

PARISS® Hyperspectral Software Reduces or Eliminates The Pain Associated With Linear Spectral Algorithms

PARISS software uses linearity independent algorithms

  • Utilizes proprietary algorithms developed in house:  based on Spectral Waveform Cross Correlation Analysis (SWCCA)”
  • Linearity independent SWCCA algorithms accommodate non-linear spectral mixing that normally occur in biological samples.
  • Highly tolerant of low S/N spectra: Enables the generation of robust Reference Spectral Libraries
  • Create Reference Spectral Libraries spectral libraries that truly represent your samples.
  • Enables accurate spectral segmentation.
  • Standardized spectra Spectra acquired with PARISS can be standardized in absorption, % transmission/reflectance.
  • Publication ready spectra can be compared with spectra acquired on any other analytical instrument.
  • Powerful topographical mapping: Spectra from the FOV that “correlate” with library spectra can be pseudo-colored and “painted” onto a gray-scale image with pixel perfect accuracy.

PARISS SWCCA hyperspectral software Includes:

  • Logical operators: “equals” and “not equals” at a user defined threshold. Controls risk of false positives or negatives
  • User created “real life” reference spectral libraries:
  • Spectral topographical mapping:  Map the location in a FOV of all or some target objects
  • SWCCA algorithms capture natural variations in spectral profile that indicate change such as: pH, ion-concentration, charge, conformation
  • Measure change over time: PARISS can acquire spectra automatically over a user defined period. Then play the results back as a movie,
  • Observe raw spectra All acquisitions can be exported to third party math or imaging program

PARISS users: Access your active operating manual (Password required) here