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About LightForm, Inc.

LightForm was founded in 1996, by Jeremy Lerner M.R.S.C., to design, develop and sell Hyperspectral Imaging instrumentation to researchers in the bio-sciences and industry.

About LightForm, Inc.

LightForm was the proud recipient of three National Institute of Health, SBIR grants.  These awards funded the development of the PARISS® Analytical Hyperspectral Imaging system.

PARISS was formally introduced to the market at the Pittsburgh Conference in 1998.

PARISS can now be found in routine use in bio-research, medical, physics, chemistry, and industrial laboratories throughout the world.

Uses include: photo-luminescence, solar coatings, cyanobacteria detection, micro-plastics, nanoparticle characterization, spectral histopathology, spectral fluorescence imaging, and many industrial QC applications that require spectroscopic characterization of micron and sub-micron targets.

Founder highlights:

  • Co-edited a special issue of the journal Cytometry covering “Spectral Imaging” (Lerner, Lockett and Zucker)
  • Holds nine patents
  • Chaired or co-chaired ten international conferences
  • Authored or co-authored over 40 peer reviewed and other publications
  • Researchers that use PARISS have made the front cover of four journals.
  • For a complete publication and patent listing go here:  Google Scholar

Grants and Awards: SBIR, Jeremy Lerner, Principal Investigator

  • Smart Environmental Monitor Based On Neural Network And Multi-Specked Pattern Recognition
    Agency: DOD (Army); Agency tracking number (ATN) 20729
  • Enhanced Fluorescence For Detection Of Tumor Tissue
    Agency: DHHS; ATN: 21970
  • Auto-Spectral Topography For Cervical Tissue Screening
    Agency: DHHS; Contract 1R43CA078255-01A1
  • Spectral Topography of Histopathologic Samples
    Agency: NIH; Contract: AI41311-01; ATN 39454
  • Prism Based Spectroscopy For Endoscopic Topography
    Agency: DHHS; Contract: DK533324-01; ATN: 39455

PARISS Is Honored On The Front Cover Of These Journals

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