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PARISS: Prism And Reflector  Imaging Spectroscopy System
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Nanowire internalized in a living cell Three Hyperspectral image of three overlapping flurophores in a tissue section Spectral properties of nanowire spectral library of three overlapping fluorophores Nanowire internalized in a living cellwith reflection spectra of the wire segments Tissue section with multiplexed fluorophores
LightForm Inc: Pioneering Analytical Hyperspectral Microscopy with PARISS® Since 1996
Hyperspectral Microscopy: Merging Imaging with Fluorescence, Absorption, %Reflection, %Transmission, Luminescence, Dark-Field Scatter..
Hyperspectral Microscope for spectral imaging and analytical spectroscopy Silver nanoparticles in a field of cells Why choose a PARISS® Hyperspectral Microscope? •	Extreme sensitivity: Light transmission through a prism from 360 to 920 nm is up to 95%, Higher light throughput translates into shorter acquisition times •	High Near IR efficiency: Change in PARISS bandpass compensates for the drop in NIR QE of the camera. •	Superior software: Custom algorithms developed in-house to accommodate non-linear spectral mixing (no “cranky” third party software) •	In-house expertise: LightForm designs and manufactures PARISS. Does not “buy-in” third party spectrometers
Hyperspectral mapping of silver Nanoparticles
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